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List of costs associated with immigration under the Start-up Visa program

Total expenses for 6-12 months ≈ $19.200 CA for a family of 2-3 people

Membership in a business incubator for 1 year — from 250 $ CA / month.
Preparing a business project for admission to a business institute — from 4900 $US
Paying for tuition at a business institute — from 8 000 $US

Within 3-6 months after graduation from a business institute:
Immigration Application Processing (whole family) — from 2 075 $CA
Language testing (IELTS orTEF) — from 250 $CA
Biometrics — 85 $CA

Within 3-6 months after biometrics:
Medical check-up at the clinic — $300 CA (adult), $150 CA (child)
Payment for the services of visa cents — from 100 $CA per person
Permanent Residence Fee — $500 CA

Within 12 months after arrival to Canada:

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