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Why choose Canada?

Prior to arrival, we usually recommend renting something on airbnb or sublet, and then, having already arrived in Canada, using local sites to search for housing, find a suitable place.

Where to live for starters

The immigration process to Canada requires a minimum number of documents. This section provides a complete list of documents.

What documents are needed

You do not have to waste time in the lines of the embassy and collect hundreds of documents — all documents are submitted remotely.

Submission of documents

The cost depends on the number of members in your family and whether you are ready to do many things on your own. Average cost for a family of 3 is 19.000 Canadian dollars (in stages)

How much does it cost to move to Canada

Due to the fact that the government regulates many issues in the economy and life, Canadians feel very calm and safe.

Socialism in Canada

The Canadian passport you receive will allow you to travel to 184 countries around the world, including the United States, without a visa.

Strong Passport

High taxes

It's a myth, Canada has a progressive tax rate. It all depends on your income and expenses, so on average Canadians pay about 18-20%, while in Russia it is 35-42%. You can read more about taxes here.

My English is bad

Immigration under the Start-up Visa program requires a minimum knowledge of English, B1 level . And in Canada, everyone “poorly” speaks English, since this language is not native for more than 80% of the population.

High cost of living

The cost of groceries in Canada is much lower than in many developed countries. For example, a grocery basket of 260 Canadian dollars per month. At the same time, the minimum salary is 2500 Canadian dollars.
In Canada, for example, a two-room apartment can cost 1500 Canadian dollars. However, with an average Canadian salary of 7-9K Canadian dollars, this is not such a large amount.

Expensive rental housing

Canada has high salaries and good compensation packages. Go to one of the job search websites and check your paycheck. On average, newcomers find work in the first month.

How much is the average salary

The cost of real estate depends on the city. The prices are really high, but given the level of wages and the low mortgage rate of 3.5% per annum, it is sometimes cheaper to buy in a mortgage than to rent.

Expensive real estate

If you or your spouse plans to work upon arrival in Canada, we recommend that you go to one of the job search websites and apply for several vacancies. Be sure to compose your resume according to North American standards.

What if I don't get hired?

You do not need to give up your current citizenship in order to become a Canadian citizen. You can keep both citizenships and live with two passports.

I want to remain a citizen of my country

Unlike the United States, where kindergarten costs start at $1,500 per month, kindergartens and schools are free in Canada.

Kindergartens and schools

You get the right to citizenship after 3 years of residence in the country. At the same time, you can leave and enter the country, it is not necessary to be there all the time.

Canadian citizenship

Canada does not recognize an apostille, it is enough to provide a translation of the document certified by a certified translator or a document translation agency.

I need to make an apostille

Free medicine

It's warm in Canada

Canada has a free health care system, completely free high-level medicine that covers almost everything.
There is a myth that it is very cold in Canada. In fact, this is not so, it all depends on the city. For example, in Toronto, the temperature in winter drops to -4 degrees, and in Vancouver in winter, on average, +1 degree.

Permanent Resident of Canada

Unlike many developed countries, where the status of a resident can only be obtained by living in the country for many years (in the US, for example, 10 years), in Canada you are given the status of a resident upon arrival.
Canada is home to people of all nationalities and is sympathetic to anyone who was forced to leave their country for any reason, even if they do not agree with the actions of the government.

Russians are treated badly

Here I am, what's next?

Before you arrive, you will receive a detailed plan from the Canadian government, right down to how to get your kids into school. You will also be assigned a mentor who will tell you everything.

French is spoken in Canada

If you already have a job, then you can easily combine your current job with work in Canada. It is common for Canadian employers to hire part-time employees.
Although Canada has two official languages, French and English, most people speak English.

I don't plan to change jobs right away

Have a cool business idea but no money

In this case, you should find a business partner who has money but no business ideas. Together you will be able to run their business in Canada.
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Some Statistical Facts

GDP growth: Q1 '22 + 3.6%

Average mortgage rate 3.2%

Average inflation rate 2.1%

Strong justice system

R&D spending - 1.5% of GDP

EIU Business Ranking: 4th place

EIU Democracy Index: 5th place

OECD Life Index: 4th place

Progress Index: 7th place

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